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3x08 - The Puppetmaster [31 Oct 2011|08:14am]

Happy Halloween! Yes, I timed this deliberately.

The PuppetmasterCollapse )

Next episode, who needs sleep?
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3x07 - The Runaway [31 Aug 2011|04:26pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Someone explain to me how it is that I have done exactly dick with this comm since April and I have more watchers. Fifty of you, to be precise. You insane, patient bastards. I love you guys.

3x07 - The RunawayCollapse )

Next episode oh god no Hama take it away take it awaaaaaay

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3x06 - The Avatar and the Fire Lord [07 Apr 2011|01:33am]

I am nothing if not accurate.

3x06 - The Avatar and the Fire LordCollapse )

Next episode: Tricksy runawayses.

I went through and tagged the recaps with the book they're from, "special" posts (like the polls and the movie recaps), and any hiatus fuckery with the "derp" tag. For ease of navigation! 8D
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3x05 - The Beach [21 Dec 2010|05:27am]

I guess this can be considered Christmassy for the Southern Hemisphere.

Also, something is up with my computer that's been keeping me from uploading images anywhere. Three browsers, no luck. So my apologies for my lack of caps.

3x05 - The BeachCollapse )

Next time: Flashback tiems!

Happy holidays to you all, and I'll see you in the new year. (It might be April of the new year, but I'll see you.)
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The Last Airbender: Super Special Movie Recap. [30 Aug 2010|12:50pm]

Yeah, I went to see it.

It won't be in my usual style of recapping, since I don't have it to look at while I'm writing, and anyway it would turn out being more of an M15M and I rip off of Cleolinda enough, I think. It also won't comment on the casting. It doesn't have to. I have far more to rip on. There will also be occasional interjections from where I remembered comments from my friends during the film. We had a Suicide (and/or Homicide) Prevention Squad for this one. Myself, kyoko_minamino, zip_tie, my brother, and another LJ-less friend took up a row in the theatre and snarked the hell out of this thing. (I wasn't going to give it any money, but my brother bought the tickets and doesn't share my principles. So yes, $8.50 of the $115 million is technically mine. Sorry.) So forgive me the occasional remark.

To the recap!

The Last Airbender. Or as I like to call it, MOTHER FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK FUCK FUCK.Collapse )
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In which Aki feels terrible. [28 Aug 2010|09:26pm]

SO. There was totally going to be a post tomorrow. I was going to finish the thing today, and post it tomorrow, and feel good about having accomplished something.

But then I spent all day in the ER, because my dad mashed the tip of his finger off.

He's fine, he's just a little shorter in the arm, but it completely nixed any chance of me getting ANYTHING done today. So...no post tomorrow. I will try for Monday, but it's all up in the air.

I don't even know how to list everything that's kept me from working without it sounding like excuses, so just know that I fucked up my arm and haven't been able to type. Between that and school shenanigans, I haven't been able to do anything productive.

I have a month before I'll be back in school. Every moment I have that I'm not in physical therapy will be spent writing. I'm so, so sorry that this has been left so long. Life has just dogpiled me. Updates may be back on a "posted as I finish" basis, but I am definitely going to try to finish out the series before Legend of Korra airs. You've all been massively patient with me and I love you for it. You're the best readers EVER.

(PS: Person who bought me tea: ♥)
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Back now! [23 Jul 2010|01:54am]

Just a heads-up; I'm back, I'm playing the most epic game of catchup, and The Beach is still in the works. I don't want to give a date for the actual return-return, for fear of something else hitting the fan and fucking everything up again.

I'm also doing a super sekrit only not if you think about it for a minute apology recap.

That is the plan! Let's see if it works this time. *knocks on wood*

(Thanks for being patient, and hello to the new people!)
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*throws self at your feet* [20 Jun 2010|04:50pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

Techfail! Techfail on all fronts! The power cord and battery on my laptop are conspiring against me to keep me from updating. I'm in the process of getting everything replaced and upgraded and squared away, but in the meantime, I haven't been able to work on the recap with any sort of regularity. I'm so so sorry, you guys. This is the second time in a row I've had to delay an update, and that's unacceptable.

Update coming just as soon as I can get my ducks in a row. Sorry, guys.

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3x04 - Sokka's Master [06 Jun 2010|01:31pm]

RECAP'S UP NOW. Tell your friends.

While "school" won't be as much of an issue in a couple of weeks, and "real life" was mostly due to my brother graduating high school (valedictorian, fuck yeah), the "health" shenanigans continue, and I don't know how that's going to affect updates. I'll keep you apprised.

3x04 - Sokka's MasterCollapse )
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Life Not Ready, (A)bort (R)etry (F)ail [30 May 2010|12:52pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Real Life, health issues, and school have chosen this moment to converge on me and kick my ass. I thought I could at least get the recap up by tomorrow, but it's not looking like that'll be the case. So...I'm sorry, kick my ass if you feel the need, 3x04 will, gods willing, be up next Sunday.


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3x03 - The Painted Lady [16 May 2010|12:00pm]

[ mood | excited ]

So...this is a touch late. I admit that. And I'm going to tell you why. THIS IS WHY. My f-list and I have been gushing over this thing since it was posted, and last night we managed to get #kickassia trending in Canada and briefly in the UK, and basically it has eaten my life.

And it airs tomorrow. I am making noises only dogs can hear.


3x03 - The Painted LadyCollapse )

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3x02 - The Headband [02 May 2010|02:23pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I don't know if it was the real-life shenanigans or what, but this episode was hard to recap. You wouldn't think it'd be, given who shows up, but...it just wouldn't come.

But it's here now; go forth and enjoy. :)

3x02 - The HeadbandCollapse )

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3x01 - The Awakening [18 Apr 2010|02:00pm]

Aaaaand we're back! Thanks for waiting on my brainfail to recede, guys.

3x01 - The AwakeningCollapse )
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2x20 - The Crossroads of Destiny [21 Feb 2010|11:43am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

The Crossroads of DestinyCollapse )

Okay, here's the deal. Avasnark is taking a two-month break. I'm doing this for three reasons.

1.) To recharge my batteries. Recapping has been coming slower and slower, and it's because I'm burnt out. I'm much less familiar with the third book, having only seen it once, so hopefully it'll feel more like new ground instead of retreading the conversations I had in fandom about the second book.

2.) To launch a couple of projects that have been tugging at me and adding to the difficulty of recapping. Given my ADHD nature, recapping when my brain is going over a new idea is akin to having class the day a movie comes out. "I'm doing this BUT I WANT TO BE DOING THAT". That kind of thing. So getting a couple of them out of the theoretical stage will help.

TL;DR: Book Three will start APRIL 18TH, if I've got my calendar straight. See you then.

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2x19 - The Guru [07 Feb 2010|03:07pm]

[ mood | discontent ]

I go off on one hell of a tangent in this one. I'm just throwing the warning out there.

The GuruCollapse )

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2x18 - The Earth King [24 Jan 2010|01:56pm]

[ mood | cold ]

So shortly after I posted the poll (which is still open for you to respond to, should you wish), I started wishing I had the text replies default to comments, so I could reply to them, but alas. Rest assured that I am reading them and taking them into consideration as I write the new recaps. (The next couple were finished before the poll went up, though, so if there's anything that flies in the face of your responses, that's why.)

Alright enough of that back to what you're actually here for.

The Earth KingCollapse )

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Let's all get vaguely srsfaice for a moment. [14 Jan 2010|12:02am]

Poll #1511364 Satisfy the crazy person's curiosity.

Do you have a Livejournal account?

I use openID

How long have you been reading Avasnark?

Since the very beginning!
I kind of wandered in somewhere in the middle.
I'm new here.

How did you hear about Avasnark?

Ads nochi_san posted on other comms
Word of mouth
Followed a link

How do you follow Avasnark's updates?

I watch the community/have alerts set up.
I follow the Twitter account.
I check when I know it's supposed to be updating.

What do you enjoy about the recaps?

What do you NOT enjoy about the recaps, and think could be done better?

Would you read recaps of other series by nochi_san?

It would depend on the series.

You see, we're coming up on the end of book 2. And while I'm aware that with my current schedule, it's going to take some time to finish out the series entirely (at which point there will probably be tears), my brain likes to jump ahead of anything resembling logic or reason and make PLANS. This is me attempting to rationalize those plans into something I could ostensibly do. Because I don't plan on growing up any time soon, oh no. I am going to be over-analyzing children's television until they pry my keyboard from my cold dead fingers. And then I will probably just sit in the corner of the nursing home and talk about it to whoever stands still long enough.

That being said, please take a look at the poll, and I will see you on the 24th.
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SURPRISE. [10 Jan 2010|03:09pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

So it's a new year (that we're about a week into - stupid biweekly schedule), new beginnings, blah blah blah...how about we go back to the VERY beginning?

1x01 - The Boy in the IcebergCollapse )

Next update will return us to our regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for sticking with me for the last 3+ years, guys.

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2x17 - Lake Laogai [27 Dec 2009|01:25pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Allow me to introduce the official mascot of this episode.

Lake LaogaiCollapse )

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And To All A Good Night [25 Dec 2009|05:18am]

Just wishing everyone a festive season from the other side of your computer screen. Stay happy and safe, and I'll see you in the new year!

"But wait, you owe a recap on Sunday." "Silence, fool, you're ruining the sentiment."
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